Monday, March 3, 2008

Out of Pocket

Hey folks. As the title above says, I've been a little out of pocket the last week or so. I've had time to post but just plain didn't think about it. My bad.

Anyway, all of my Amazon orders have arrived. I still don't have the rifle kit I ordered back at the beginning of February, so I can't really comment on the usefulness of most of the items I ordered. I will say that the TangoDown battle grip is built like a freaking tank! It may be difficult to get it to go onto the receiver but once it's on, it should be incredibly sturdy.

The Knoxx Spec-Ops NRS stock is another very sturdy piece. I was a little disappointed in that it required an extra-long ball-end Allen wrench to install and it doesn't appear to accept other types of AR-15 style collapsible stocks (the "buffer tube" is too large). But other than these two admittedly minor gripes, I'm tickled with the stock.

I also ordered and received (very quickly I might add) an adjustable trigger from Red Star Arms for my Saiga S-308. All I can say is, "WOW!" I spent an hour or so yesterday, first installing the trigger, which took all of 15 minutes (because I'm a retard) and then fiddling with the adjustments until I got it just right. The old issue that I had with the G2 trigger group from Tapco where the bolt wants to hang when going back into battery was once again rearing it's ugly head. But it wasn't as pronounced as with the G2 originally and the rearward movement of the bolt was much smoother. I honestly think this will wear in quite nicely. I'll just have to shoot the heck out of it!

That won't be too big of a problem, either, as the trigger pull now is swee-eet compared to the old FCG (fire control group) and I've placed an order with Georgia Arms for 250 rounds of .308 Canned Heat. I've also ordered 500 rounds of .223 Canned Heat and 3 more PMags from Mississippi Auto Arms. That should put me in fairly good shape once Del-ton gets their act together.

I went and visited my brother and his wife up in Fayetteville this weekend as well as R in Rogers. R, D, and I all went and requalified for our CHLs (concealed handgun licenses). R's and my licenses expire at the end of next month, so I really need to get the paperwork together and sent off.

While we were up that-a-ways, we stopped by Ozark Armory in Springdale where I drooled over several different pistols. I really, really wanted to drop the coin for the SIG 220 SAO they had there. But I thought about it extensively and decided that I'll have to wait until Ghost Products, Inc. introduces their CZ-97B thin grips. If those make the 97 a little more hand-friendly for me, I'll probably just stick with it. After all, it's more accurate than I am, which isn't saying much, mind you, but I know it's got the mechanical accuracy there. It was the pistol that my friend P's brother embarrassed me with at 15 feet a few months back.

I didn't walk away empty-handed however. I picked up a well-used AutoOrdnance 1911 in 10mm for right around $335. The gun's definitely seen better days but I think most of the wear is superficial and/or minor in nature. A trip to the smith and a little TLC and it should be like new. I believe that I'm gonna try out the XS Express Sights on this one as it needs new sights anyway.

Well, that's been my last several days. Hope yours have been as enjoyable.

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