Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gunpowder and Lead Music Video

Interesting. This is an amateur video done to the song “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert. I saw this at Tam's and just had to comment.

Okay, we have a young lady who has an abusive (ex-)boyfriend/(ex-)husband who has just been released on bail, presumably arrested for roughing her up (or at least it happened before he was arrested). She anticipates that he will be returning to her (their?) home to continue with said abuse.

So, in preparation, she purchases beer and cigarettes. Huh? The cigarettes, I might could understand. I could even understand the beer if she was holding off until after the confrontation. I don’t drink but I’ve heard that others do to “take the edge off” after a stressful event.

But she’s apparently breaking out the alcohol beforehand. Not a smart idea if you’re expecting a fight. Especially one where firearms are involved.

But, okay, maybe she’s one of those folks who need a little liquid courage to make sure she can do what she’s planning. One beer while waiting might not be too bad. At the very least the alcohol would have been processed enough to be under the legal limit for intoxication by the time the law shows up.

So, everything that’s gone on up to this point isn’t much out of line…right up until she grabbed the shovel. And again, I have to say: Huh?

Lemme get this straight. This guy has knocked her around, been arrested (for something), and she thinks she needs to shoot, shovel, and shut-up? Why hasn’t she at least started the process for a restraining order? With that and his history, there’s nobody who’s gonna think she did this for any reason other than self-defense.

But now that she’s pre-dug a grave (with a snow shovel? But I digress.), it’s looking an awful lot more like premeditated murder.

Not to mention that there’s this big truck belonging to the deceased that’s just sitting in her driveway now.

I really don’t understand this notion that seems to be prevalent in popular culture these days that any use of a firearm on a human being is something to be ashamed of and to hide. He hit her previously, apparently tried to force his way in, presumably to continue his mistreatment of her, and was stopped using the most effective tool for the job at her disposal. Why does she feel that she’s done something wrong that needs to be covered up?

I’d ask someone to explain this to me, but I think the answer’d tick me off.

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