Sunday, April 27, 2008

Again With The Allergies?

You know, ever since Spring has sprung around here, I've had the absolute worst allergy attacks of my life. This past weekend is an excellent example. I had a stuffy nose and a headache Friday morning. By Friday evening, I had a fever and sapped energy to go along with it. I'm pretty sure I was a moderately crappy host (sorry Dick).

I bought some Claratin that night and it seemed to help. Then I decided Saturday that the yard absolutely had to be mowed and the oil changed in my bike. That was a mistake. I didn't get the oil changed. After mowing, I was wiped out. I couldn't go to sleep last night for the life of me. I was still awake at almost 1 in the morning after getting into bed at 10. I woke to my alarm this morning at 7. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 10 after 8. Guess I'd fallen back asleep but I don't remember it.

When I'm feeling better, I'll try to write a review of the movies that Dick and I watched Friday night: AVP: Requiem and ... Holy crap, I can't even remember the second movie. How messed up is that?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Up in Arms About Gas Prices?

Take a look at an article Junyor has posted about those greedy oil companies. You might just be surprised.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Almost Forgot:

I said I'd have more on the CavArms fiasco. Unfortunately, things are still a tangled mess. About the best I feel confident in passing along to you right now is THR's stickied thread on the matter. Well, crap. Apparently, THR's thread has been pulled by the mods. No reason appears to have been given but if you saw it earlier, you probably know why.

Sorry folks.

And Finally, Things That Go Boom!

I haven't had an opportunity to put any more rounds through the AR. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity. Hopefully, I'll be able to sight it in. I'm actually not looking forward to that part of it. The last time I tried to sight in a rifle, it was simply an exercise in frustration and futility. I'm man enough to admit that I just am not a very good shot. My main problem is a combination of poor physical condition and lack of practice. In any event, I'm seriously looking at one of those bore-sighting lasers to at least get me on the paper fairly easily.

Dick has purchased a new FNP45. He ordered it over the phone with one of the local FFLs while we were on our way up to Fayetteville. He called today to let me know that it was in. Unfortunately, he forgot to specify certain features and ended up with a pistol that's not quite what he was expecting. He's satisfied with it, however, and has confirmed that I will have an opportunity to shoot it, hopefully before too long.

Visiting with the Family:

I had a chance to visit with my folks weekend before last. They seem to be doing well, considering. They just finished up a week of testing at their respective schools. The kids are always a handful during that time. Mom was diagnosed with having a thyroid condition. She's taking medication for it and, as a pleasant side effect, appears to have started to drop weight.

Dad bought a used tractor to use around the farm. He's been a bit frustrated with it as it really wasn't in the condition as was advertised. But even with the repair work, it's cheaper than he could have gotten a different tractor in better condition. Overall, I think he's satisfied.

Dad gave me a Weedeater brand "mower". I'm not really sure what you'd call it. It runs on two rear wheels and has a handle much like a push mower but the front is a half ball that the twine connects to. The twine is incredibly thick, too. There's no telling how large of a plant stalk it can chew through. I don't think I posted about my first attempt to mow the yard here, but it wasn't pretty. I used an electric weedeater that managed to scalp the yard where it cut at all. Between that and the small cutting radius, I was forever getting just the front and sides done. I still haven't gotten the back. That'll be this weekend when I go over everything again with the mower.

Old Friends:

I went to Fayetteville this last weekend with Dick to pay Randy a visit and pick up my bike. It was good to see him again. Dick and I are really looking forward to him moving down in the next few months. I think he's more than ready to as well.

For the bike, I've ordered the replacement bracket to fix the left-hand mirror and an oil filter. I was offered a 4-quart bottle of oil by a co-worker who no longer needs it. The unfortunate thing is that I've put less than 400 miles on my bike since buying it in Feb '07. That's barely scratching an oil change but since it's been over a year since the last oil change - well, better safe than sorry.

On the Job Front:

I found out that my contract does not expire when the 6 month mark rolls around. It seems that it will continue indefinitely so long as I or my employer wish to continue. I'm hoping that I will get a direct position before too long but at least I can be pretty sure I won't be out on my ear in 2 weeks.

Been A While...

...since my last post. Sorry for the lack of attention.

Quite a bit's been going on lately.

I'm going to break my original post into multiple posts as it was getting quite large.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Work and Friends (and Friends' Work)

R came down for a visit with D and me this past Sunday. Seems he's been getting fed up with his employers shenanigans and is looking for a change of venue. D has spoken with his boss who appears to be thrilled at the thought of another experienced engineer he can hire. D and I are both looking forward to having R around more often.

And speaking of work, my company has recently had a gentleman leave to pursue other opportunities. His position will likely be filled from in-house which will leave a(nother) vacancy within the company. I was told by my boss not to be surprised if I was offered a permanent position. The downside is that it'd be in manufacturing instead of R&D. Meaning I'd be back doing the same-old same-old I was attempting to get away from. And I would no longer be working under my current boss (a not good but not bad thing).

There are definitely some good possibilities floating around in the near future. I'm looking forward to it.

The AR Is Finished

Well, I received my AR kit from Del-ton this past Wednesday. I managed to get it together with the help of the guide at It took me about 1.5 hours including the time spent looking for a detent pin that managed to launch into orbit.

I've since decided that I'm going to stick with the normal handguards instead of using the YHM quad-rail I bought. The normal handguards kick serious tail for heat dissipation. I believe I'll be using a cantilever mount and my PK-01 red dot for the optic or just sticking with the iron sights. I ordered a flat dark earth handguard (via Life, Liberty, Etc. who were donating the procedes to CavArms' legal defense fund (more on that later)) and MagPul MIAD pistol grip to match the FDE CTR stock. It looks quite fetching now. More so than I would have thought, especially in sunlight. Artificial light just doesn't do the color justice.

I got a chance to shoot it this Saturday and it went through 90 rounds without a hitch. Not a comprehensive test by any means, but promising nonetheless. What has really made me a believer, however, is the opportunity to just fiddle with it for the past several days. The layout of the controls and the method for field-stripping is just ingenious. This truly is a working work of art. Count me among the converts.

Just don't expect me to give up my Saiga.

New Addition to the Links

I've finally gotten around to adding Oleg's site to the links. Don't know what took me so long.