Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Del-Ton Update

I called Del-Ton this morning just before noon. They didn't answer so I left a message with my info and question (what parts/options are backordered). I didn't get a return phone call but the question ticket I submitted last week was replied to around 3:30 this afternoon.

It turns out that the CTR stock is what was holding up progress. Del-Ton is backordered on the black version but had the OD and dark earth versions in stock. I was told that I could switch stock options if I so desired. (Why does that sound vaguely financial?) Anyway, I requested that the dark earth version be substituted. It's gonna look a little strange with it being the only dark earth colored piece of furniture on there.

I may see about swapping over to a dark earth pistol-grip. The forearm will be the Yankee Hill railed forearm, so no color options there. I just wish I'd known about this before ordering the Tango Down grip and P-Mags.

Edit: I can get dark earth rail covers for the handguard. With a similarly colored pistol grip, it should look pretty sharp, even with black mags.

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