Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Intriguing Proposition

South Park Pundit makes an intriguing proposition on his blog. It is in direct response to an article written by a woman who has stated: "... before we reach for a gun, we should be able to reach out our hands to others and try to manage problems through talking, instead of pulling a trigger, because pulling the trigger only eliminates the problem, temporarily."

"I would propose that we conduct an experiment, under rigorous laboratory conditions, in order to gather evidence, one way or the other, empirically.

In one room, we have a woman with a concealed gun. In the other, we have a young woman who is the debate team champion. Take two violent sex offenders, and put one in each of the rooms with the women. Start the timer. See which one can "temporarily" solve their problem ..."

Think we can get any takers?

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Richard said...


Of course, the leftists will say something about how that's not a fair comparison, though that's exactly what it is.