Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Scout" Rifle Pic

Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media has been pondering the possibility of a scout-style rifle made from a mil-surp rifle. Normally, I wouldn't bother with putting up a pic of one of my rifles "just 'cause" but as I have one of the variations he's been considering, I figured I'd go ahead.

This started life as a Yugoslavian Mauser (late '50s vintage if I remember correctly). I had the barrel shortened to 20", replaced the stock with a Butler Creek synthetic stock (was listed as military barrel contour but was actually a sporter barrel contour that required inletting), affixed the XS Sight Systems scout mount, and attached the Burris scout scope.

All told, this ended up costing me around $400. Further work I'd like to do is to replace the trigger with one of the sporter-style trigger replacement packs that includes a modern design safety lever to replace the huge safety lever that currently resides on the back of the bolt.