Sunday, January 6, 2008

A little help? Redux

As some of you may remember, I asked for your assistance in choosing optics for my Saiga S308. Unfortunately for me, you guys were ... less than helpful.

Well, I've looked into the matter a little more and I think I may have a solution. Currently, my rifle has a rail made by DPH Arms that replaces the rear sight leaf and then attaches to the rear tang. It's quite possibly the lowest (viable) optics mount available for the AK-style rifle. I've since modified it to accept an XS Sights Low Weaver Backup aperture sight.

After doing some research into the matter, I found that some 3-Gunners had already addressed the issue. See the article at the bottom of the linked page. Once I saw this, I looked at some of the options that I had already rejected and came up with this:

Burris Fullfield II 2-7x35 scope with quick release rings.

Burris FastFire miniature red-dot reflex sight mounted to the right on a YHM 45 degree angled, 5-slot rail.

The Fullfield will provide me with varied range capability as needed and has a ballistic plex reticle that will allow for a better hold-over approximation at extended ranges. The MRD (mini red dot) will allow me to shift to close quarters sighting by simply rotating the rifle slightly. And if either of these are damaged/dead (batteries) a simple flip of a couple of levers will allow the scope to be removed for access to the iron sights.

Any thoughts?

Edit: After looking at the eye relief numbers, I think that the Short Mag might be a better idea than the Fullfield.

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