Monday, December 17, 2007

A little help?

Okay, I'm about to go nuts here. I've been looking for an optic for my Saiga S-308 for quite a while now. I have tried the POSP scopes from Kalinka Optics, specifically the 4x24 and 2.5-5x24 models, but I can't seem to get a good cheekweld with the offset on these scopes. I currently have a PK-01 on a centered weaver side-mount using an Aimpoint 30mm ring. Unfortunately, as with most red-dots, the dot is oblong and tends to blur. I feel that I cannot make the most of the accuracy of my rifle using a traditional red-dot.

I've recently been looking at the Trijicon Reflex, specifically, the 12.9 MOA triangle reticle, and a Burris Eurodiamond 1.5-6x40. The Trijicon has the advantages of not needing batteries for low-light conditions, having a triangular reticle for more precise shot placement, being small and lightweight, and having unlimited eye relief. Its drawbacks are that the triangle may exhibit the same blurring as normal red-dots (unknown) and the lack of magnification which limits its usefulness at range.

The Eurodiamond has the advantages of a range of magnification that I would consider spot-on for a 16"-barreled .308, a standard reticle for more precise shot placement, a larger objective and tube to allow more light to reach the eye, and the fact that it's a Burris scope. These folks know how to make optics. The drawbacks are a limited range of positioning due to eye relief, no illumination or illumination that requires a battery to work, and the loss of reticle clarity at close ranges even on the lowest magnification setting.

I've also been considering trying out this optic to get an idea of how a low- and adjustable-magnification scope would handle on the rifle. It's certainly cheap enough...

Does anyone have any opinions on these two optics or, better yet, suggestions on an optic that betters either of these?


Junyor said...

You lost me at okay.

Barrett B. said...

Well, that's gotta be a new record in the "How fast can you confuse Junyor?" category.

Go me.

Richard said...

Use the iron sights, noob!


Barrett B. said...

Well, that's ... less than helpful.

Barrett B. said...

Alrighty, does anyone have any serious suggestions?