Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, That Sucks

It seems that my employer has decided to lay off approximately 300 employees out of the 1200-1300 currently on the payroll. This is in addition to a week-long plant shutdown at the end of January and the reduced production rates (15 units/day instead of the normal 31!) afterward. This is due to an overage of around 1400 units (!) on the standard model. Thankfully (I think) the powers that be have declared that engineering will not be affected except for a hiring freeze currently in place. There are no guarantees, however.

The real kicker is that the sister plant in OK will not be laying people off, will be taking some of our orders, and is actually increasing their production rate. It actually makes sense from a productivity standpoint as the orders that they are taking from us are for models that they build exclusively, so their productivity on these units is substantially better than ours. The bad news is that without more orders coming in, sooner or later, my plant may send everything their way.

But business savvy or no, there are a lot of POed people around here right now.

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