Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shifting interests

This is a post that should have been written a while ago.

Those of you who still log on to World of Warcraft may have noticed that I haven't logged on in quite a while. My characters may still be on due to H having my permission to use my toons but I haven't logged on but a couple of times since Thanksgiving. This is mostly due to the fact that ... I just don't feel like logging on.

Frankly, I've begun doing a lot more of the things that I used to do before WoW. Reading, a little amateur gunsmithing, political interests, TV, etc. And after ... lessee here ... bought it in early winter '05 ... 2 years or so of play and the new Squadron's almost obsessive interest in running Kara, well, I think I've burnt out.

Now, I'm not gonna drop my subscription. I highly encourage H to continue using my toons as often as he wants. And eventually I'll probably get back on. Most likely, if I haven't already, I will once the new expansion pack is released.

I just figured you guys had the right to know.

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