Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Visiting with the Family:

I had a chance to visit with my folks weekend before last. They seem to be doing well, considering. They just finished up a week of testing at their respective schools. The kids are always a handful during that time. Mom was diagnosed with having a thyroid condition. She's taking medication for it and, as a pleasant side effect, appears to have started to drop weight.

Dad bought a used tractor to use around the farm. He's been a bit frustrated with it as it really wasn't in the condition as was advertised. But even with the repair work, it's cheaper than he could have gotten a different tractor in better condition. Overall, I think he's satisfied.

Dad gave me a Weedeater brand "mower". I'm not really sure what you'd call it. It runs on two rear wheels and has a handle much like a push mower but the front is a half ball that the twine connects to. The twine is incredibly thick, too. There's no telling how large of a plant stalk it can chew through. I don't think I posted about my first attempt to mow the yard here, but it wasn't pretty. I used an electric weedeater that managed to scalp the yard where it cut at all. Between that and the small cutting radius, I was forever getting just the front and sides done. I still haven't gotten the back. That'll be this weekend when I go over everything again with the mower.

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