Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Finally, Things That Go Boom!

I haven't had an opportunity to put any more rounds through the AR. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity. Hopefully, I'll be able to sight it in. I'm actually not looking forward to that part of it. The last time I tried to sight in a rifle, it was simply an exercise in frustration and futility. I'm man enough to admit that I just am not a very good shot. My main problem is a combination of poor physical condition and lack of practice. In any event, I'm seriously looking at one of those bore-sighting lasers to at least get me on the paper fairly easily.

Dick has purchased a new FNP45. He ordered it over the phone with one of the local FFLs while we were on our way up to Fayetteville. He called today to let me know that it was in. Unfortunately, he forgot to specify certain features and ended up with a pistol that's not quite what he was expecting. He's satisfied with it, however, and has confirmed that I will have an opportunity to shoot it, hopefully before too long.

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Richard said...

I put 50 rounds through it last night. Let's just say you should just go ahead and order one.