Monday, April 7, 2008

The AR Is Finished

Well, I received my AR kit from Del-ton this past Wednesday. I managed to get it together with the help of the guide at It took me about 1.5 hours including the time spent looking for a detent pin that managed to launch into orbit.

I've since decided that I'm going to stick with the normal handguards instead of using the YHM quad-rail I bought. The normal handguards kick serious tail for heat dissipation. I believe I'll be using a cantilever mount and my PK-01 red dot for the optic or just sticking with the iron sights. I ordered a flat dark earth handguard (via Life, Liberty, Etc. who were donating the procedes to CavArms' legal defense fund (more on that later)) and MagPul MIAD pistol grip to match the FDE CTR stock. It looks quite fetching now. More so than I would have thought, especially in sunlight. Artificial light just doesn't do the color justice.

I got a chance to shoot it this Saturday and it went through 90 rounds without a hitch. Not a comprehensive test by any means, but promising nonetheless. What has really made me a believer, however, is the opportunity to just fiddle with it for the past several days. The layout of the controls and the method for field-stripping is just ingenious. This truly is a working work of art. Count me among the converts.

Just don't expect me to give up my Saiga.

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