Sunday, February 3, 2008

Local Eateries

I've been meaning to mention a couple of local places that I've been to since moving down here. The first is Due Amiche, an Italian restaurant that has a number of varied items on the menu. The first trip I made there, I had an excellent chicken parmesan. The coworker who went with me ordered half a calzone. That calzone was HUGE! This past Friday, R and I went and ordered a small pizza. It's a good thing we got the small. We ended up taking half of it back home. I've still got a slice sitting in the fridge.

The other restaurant of note is Mike's Place. I'm honestly not certain how you would classify this. It is a club as this is a dry county and they have a wet bar on premises. The food includes steak, chicken (grilled, fried, or blackened), burgers, cornbread, blackeyed peas, marinated shrimp... There's really no unifying theme to the offered entrees except that all that I have seen and had described to me are outstanding. I may have to see about getting myself a membership in spite of my religious/personal objections to alcohol consumption. (No, I don't expect anyone else to give up drinking. It's just that I, myself, do not drink and normally wouldn't patronize an establishment that emphasized selling alcohol.)

The fellows who own Mike's Place have recently opened a new restaurant just a block or so down from there called Michaelangelo's. It's supposed to be mostly Italian cuisine. I'm eager to try it.

Junyor, the next time you and/or J are passing through, let me know. We'll hit one of these places. My treat.


Junyor said...

You've made me hungry...I haven't had lunch yet.

Barrett B. said...

Ah, dang, that sucks. How's Vegas?

Richard said...

I had that pizza almost a week ago and I'm still full!