Thursday, February 14, 2008

GSG-5 .22LR


I have so got to get one of these. As nearly as I've been able to find out, the rifle is made by a German airsoft manufacturer and is based on their airsoft MP-5 frame. As such, it can use airsoft accessories with little to no fitting required.

Gemtech is currently making an adapter for their suppressors that requires the gun to be registered as an SBR and the barrel cut to 7.5" or have the suppressor permanently attached. They will also be offering the completed rifle/suppressor combo for upwards of $1000.

I think this is just the thing to scratch that submachine gun/full-auto wanna-be itch without breaking the bank on the rifle or ammo. It might even be worth the cash to get the SBR/suppressor combo. Maybe.

I'm fairly certain that D with his MP-5 lust will be hopping on this one PDQ.

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