Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, it seems that my Del-ton kit is backordered. I'm not sure if there is a certain part that is backordered or if they're just behind schedule. But it seems that whatever it is, there's no expected shipping date in sight.

Also, my order for the SpecOps NRS stock for my 870 -which I placed on January 22- also has not shipped, apparently due to it also being backordered. This was not the case when I placed my order and now my email to the vendor regarding this issue has been ignored.

D and I are probably going to be heading up to the Rogers/Springdale area next weekend to take our CHL renewal class with R. I haven't seen R since moving and it'll be good to visit with him again. I was hoping that I could pick up my bike while I'm up there and also purchase the SIG 220 SAO that Ozark Armory had for sale last time I was there. Alas, these too are both busts as the weather is not looking to be good enough for riding (for me anyway) and I don't think I'll have enough cash to be able to justify spending on the SIG unless my tax return makes it to me before then. That's unlikely as I only just had my taxes done this past Monday.


On a lighter note, D has requested that I assist him with a bulk purchase of Lake City 5.56 from I assume that this is remanufactured ammo since Billy-boy made it illegal to sell surplus ammo in its assembled form. I'm gonna take a look at their website and compare it to Georgia Arms' Canned Heat. If they're close enough in price, I may go ahead and get 500 rounds with D. Otherwise, I'll get the Canned Heat along with some V-Max loaded .223 for home defense.

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