Friday, December 14, 2007

Where to begin...?

How about with a little self-congratulatory back-patting?

If you're reading this, you probably know that I recently started a new job in central Arkansas. It's really rather nice as I'm able to visit family and friends with a drive that's half the time that my old place of residence required. Because of this, my sister was able to come down for a visit today and drop off a couple of large bags filled with shoes.

Why shoes? Well, the R&D department that I am now a part of has sponsored the local Women's Shelter for Christmas. My sister is a manager for a shoe store in ma familia's neck of the woods and she was able to find deals on shoes for 4 women and 6 kids without breaking my bank account. (That came later.)

It was rather fun to see the coworkers go a bit bug-eyed as I brought two large bags through the front door to the office and deposited them beside the box designated for accepting donations (as the bags would not have fit even had it been empty).

Now, would you mind giving me a hand? I think I wrenched my shoulder...

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