Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception: Smart. Very Smart.

My folks came down for a visit this weekend. Friday night we went to the Chenal Imax in Little Rock to see Inception. If you have an Imax within driving distance, I highly recommend seeing this movie in that format. There were some scenes (You've seen the trailers, right? You know the scenes I'm talking about.) where the scale on the Imax screens was just mind-blowing. Unfortunately, that same scale made a few of the action scenes a little hard to follow but then I have trouble on some of the regular-sized movie screens, so take that with a grain of salt.

Lately, I've really warmed up to DiCaprio as an action actor. He's been able to project an air of competence and stoicism that makes him more believable as a man of action on screen. The rest of the cast was well chosen for their roles as well. Ken Watanabe was an inspired choice. Normally, I find Ellen Page slightly annoying but she was able to work around my preconceptions in this film.

The story was smart. They picked a single concept as the "sci-fi element" and then expanded the idea and its consequences in the "real world". That seemed to make for a more consistent story. Granted, there were a few moments where I stopped and started to mentally object. "Hold on - that doesn't make sense with what they said back there..." But then the movie would kick me in the teeth with an awesome visual or some impressively cerebral concept that yanked suspension of disbelief back to the fore of my thought processes.

Overall, I was thoroughly entertained and will be buying this movie when it comes out on Blu-Ray. My parents enjoyed it as well, which I think says a lot.

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