Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I was shanghaied into buying some steaks this afternoon. I ended up with 8 ribeyes, 8 boneless strips and 8 fillet of sirloin (bacon-wrapped). I have absolutely no idea how to go about cooking steak.

With that in mind, I'm going to suggest (Richard) that we get the same crowd together that were at the barbeque last time for an encore or, failing that, talk the Mintons into having a get-together. I'll donate these steaks to the cause as long as I'm not required to cook. I'm thinking weekend after this one as I know you have the MSF course to attend this weekend.

What say you?


Richard said...

I know I'm replying about a week late, but I just found out for sure. This weekend won't be good for the cookout.

It's still ripe for a gun show, though. :D

Barrett B. said...

Ah, well. I'm sure the steaks'll keep for another couple weeks.

It's looking like I might have to go to Alabama over the 4th instead of spending the holiday at my parents as usual.

Richard said...

That sounds about as fun as a colonoscopy.