Monday, June 9, 2008

Got a Wii

I was finally able to find a Wii today at Gamestop. I'd heard from everyone who owns one that these are a blast to play. Unfortunately, until today, I'd never even seen one in person. They were always out of stock.

I got it home and hooked it up. I set up my mii character and started up Wii Boxing. I have to say, I hope the other games are more responsive than this one. The left nunchuck controller was great, I could jab with it like a crazy man. But the right was almost non-responsive. Most of my punches would only carry about half way to the opponent character, pulling up short. The ones that did go through went incredibly wide. Every now and then, a punch would connect by arcing out very wide and landing a kidney shot.

After about fifteen minutes, I gave up. One thing about it, it's a workout. I was sweating up a storm. I just hope the shooting games are more precise. That's what I really wanted this system for.

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