Friday, March 15, 2013

Feinstein Mentally Unbalanced?

Ted Cruz and Diane Feinstein exchange words in judiciary committee hearing on assault weapons ban bill.  And I do mean "exchange words".  Senator Cruz asked a specific question and Senator Feinstein's refused to answer it, instead spitting out an emotional tirade.

And from some of the comments she made (Bazookas? She really doesn't know that bazookas have been regulated since before their creation? I'm actually afraid to look to see if she did include bazookas on the bill in question.) I begin to wonder: Did Senator Feinstein suffer some psychological trauma when she found the bodies of her colleagues all those years ago that leaves her unable to see the world as it is when weapons are in the equation?  Because it's looking more and more like she's in some fantasy land where the U.S. has absolutely no control of weapons and no repercussions for murder.

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