Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Skimmer Trigger Review

I can't remember exactly where I was on the gun-centric portion of the internet when I ran across the first mention of the Skimmer Trigger (ST).  Where ever it was, it prompted a quick search and I promptly found the glocktriggers.com page for the ST.  I did a little digging and the gist I got from most posts seemed to be that while the claim of a "1911 trigger" fell well short in reality, it was a marked improvement on the stock Glock trigger (read: toy ray gun trigger).  Talked it over with friend Terry, who was the one who taught me pretty much everything I know about Glocks, and the only concern that we both thought merited consideration was the increased possibility of a negligent/series-of-unfortunate-events discharge.  As I'm usually one who thinks of safety as a mindset issue rather than a hardware issue, I decided to take a chance and drop the $160 for a gen 4 G17.  (Mandatory CYA: No, I didn't get any goods, services, or any other considerations from the vendor.  Paid for the parts myself, in full.)

Pulling the parts from their container was a bit of a surprise.  I knew the page mentioned the parts were polished to a mirror finish but I didn't actually expect to be able to see myself in the reflection!  Very nicely finished with no burrs on the edges that could be felt by touch.  Installation was very simple as the parts were all pre-assembled in the new block.  Just punch the pins far enough out to remove the old trigger and block and drop the new one in.  Not unexpectedly, I found that the posts praising the trigger while not buying the "1911 trigger" hype were spot-on.  The trigger has just the slightest bit of take-up before hitting the "wall" described in the ST page description.  And to my uncalibrated finger, it seems like the reset is just the slightest bit shorter, though that may just be due to me fully releasing the old style trigger.  Overall, I definitely find it more friendly than the stock Glock trigger.  I haven't had a chance to do much more than dry-firing of late (one 50-round range session with no malfs) so I can't realistically make any claims as to the reliability. I hope to be able to get some more trigger time in this holiday weekend.  If it continues to give good service, I will greatly anticipate the addition of a G20/21 sized kit to include in my preferred G20.

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