Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take Me Away, Officers...

...'cause I'm a thief!

Dick, L, T, and I went to the LR fun show Saturday. I spent most of my time scoping out .22 rifles (a few of which I was tempted by), looking for a Witness-P Carry in 10mm (none of which were in evidence), and generally just checking out the unusual amount of unusual stuff that's so seldom in evidence at these shows.

We were considering wrapping up and packing it in when, at a small corner booth, I saw a pristine little CZ 75 Compact, '02 manufacture. And then my eyes went a little wild when I saw the $300 price tag. I picked it up and looked it over and it was clean as a whistle. The gent behind the table began to tell me about the pistol but I let him know that I had quite a bit of experience with CZs in general and knew them to be fine guns. I then asked if the pistol had the case or any extra mags with it, to which he replied in the negative. Ah, well, no matter. Still a good deal.

And then he tells me that he can come down to $275 and he'll take care of the taxes. To which I replied, "You take checks or cards?"

So now I'm the proud owner of a CZ 75 Compact. Magazines are proving difficult to find for reasonable prices but I'm not giving up. And I think I may have to try out Crimson Trace's lasergrips for this one as well. The worst part of that is the grips have a MSRP that's more than I gave for the pistol!

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Junyor said...

Congrats on the acquisition.