Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Found On The 'Net

Several things have caught my attention lately and, honestly, I doubt I can do them all justice, so...

...time for some linky love!

The ATF has managed to misplace 76 firearms.

Tam gives a history lesson that is eerily familiar.

Breda guest hosts "Gun Nuts Radio".

Apparently there was a shooting at ASU Jonesboro this past weekend. Second-degree battery seems kinda light for shooting at and (kinda) hitting someone. Makes me wonder what extenuating circumstances there might have been.

I've decided I need to get another (better) safe/security container for my firearms. I've glanced at a few at Academy Sports in Little Rock and need to take a more serious look there and at Gander Mountain and Ft. Thompson sometime soon, maybe this weekend. I've taken a look around at a few safes online and this particular safe jumped out at me as being laid out quite well for my needs. I don't know if the price listed on that site is good, bad, or ugly but it doesn't seem too badly out of line at first blush. Shipping on something that size obviously sucks, so I'd like to find something local so that I can just have them load it in the back of the Tahoe and shamelessly guilt Dick and R into helping me get it into the house.

Well, that's it. Hopefully I'll have something meatier next time.

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