Friday, May 16, 2008

This Delay Brought to You by Technical Incompetency.

Whose you ask? Why, mine, of course.


All I wanted was to hook my new 26” Sony Bravia to my computer. Apparently, that was too much to ask. First, I had to get a new wireless router since my old one bit the dirt back in Fayetteville and I never bothered to replace it. Then I realized I had removed my wireless card at the same time to make more room around my GeForce video card so that it could have sufficient ventilation. So, I had to have a wireless transceiver (got a USB version). I then decided that I might as well go truly wireless and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse combo pack.

Now here's where the problems reared their ugly heads. The wireless network was most definitely not plug-and-play. After realizing I was in over my head (again), I called tech support (also known as Jason – but tech support sounds much cooler). Between the two of us, we managed to get my network communicating. Kinda. It turns out that the wireless keyboard and mouse I bought were the kind that use a radio signal as opposed to infrared and it managed to interfere with my wireless network. Wonderful.

So, I kicked the new keyboard to the curb and went back to my old keyboard. Who apparently managed to give up the ghost when I disconnected it the last time. At that point I could just hear the new keyboard chuckling. “I knew you'd be back.” I hooked it up just long enough to get the computer back to it's old video settings and just called it quits.

That was on April 31.

I finally threw up the white flag and have resumed using my flat- and wide-screen LCD monitor. The sacrifices we make.

And while typing this, I realize that my wireless keyboard simply isn't going to work. It's cramped and not nearly as sensitive as my old ergo-keyboard. I've decided that wireless simply isn't for me. I've looked up a nice new ergo-keyboard with USB connection for about $35 online. I'll be ordering it soon.

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