Friday, May 16, 2008

And After an Almost Three-Week Hiatus...

You'll remember that two posts back, I mentioned a second movie that Richard and I watched the previous Friday. One that I was too sick to remember. Well, Richard stepped up and reminded me. Tremors II. Hilarious. And the gunplay is fun and accurate. I highly recommend it.

Also, you'll remember that I was sick due to allergies. Thankfully, I've pulled through and have managed to find an effective method for preventing allergy attacks of such drastic size. After talking it out with my dad, we came to the conclusion that it was mowing my yard that triggered my attack. I was then informed that there's this invention out there called a "filter mask". It's just a bit of formed filter paper that fits over your nose and mouth and is held in place by a rubber band.


Sarcasm aside, I've mown my yard once since purchasing a pack of masks and nary a sniffle.

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