Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knew It Was Coming...

Just didn't think it'd be this soon.

I'm not going to comment further. Not here, at any rate.

H/T to Tam.


Richard said...

Does anyone really believe that the drug cartels in Mexico are getting "assault weapons" (that would be covered by the ban) from the US when their doors are wide open to illegal full-auto arms smuggling from pretty much every country south of them?

Anything to sell it. They'll say anything.

Brian Junyor said...

Who would have thought that you and Speaker Pelosi agreed on these things? I am guessing it'll be a tougher sale to congress than the Obama administration planned.

Check out this exchange from Pelosi's press briefing today.

Q: "Madam Speaker, Attorney General Holder yesterday said that the Administration wants to reinstitute the assault weapons ban. Have you talked with Administration officials about that, and how quickly can you bring it to the floor?"

Speaker Pelosi: No, but I think on that score, one good place to start would be to enforce the laws that are on the books right now. And I think the evidence points this out, that the Bush Administration was not enforcing law. So let's start with enforcing the law that we have now."