Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Norton Security Scan

Recently, I've noticed a new program that popped up in the background on my computer. Norton Security Scan had initiated itself and began scanning my computer. I stopped the process, uninstalled NSS (as I hadn't intentionally installed it to begin with) and figured that was that.

The next day, the NSS shortcut was back on my desktop.

Long story short, I uninstalled this program several times and it continued to install itself. After a little Google-fu, I found that Symantec had begun bundling their software into the latest update of Adobe's Shockwave (v. 11) and if you simply updated rather than manually installing, you did not get the option to decline the installation of NSS. Further, there is an issue with a scheduled task stub being left behind that causes Windows to attempt a scheduled scan, recognize that NSS is not installed, and automatically install it!

I have removed the NSS program and stub from my computer using the technique detailed in the last post in that thread. Additionally, because I find their bundling programs without the benefit of an opt-out feature to be unacceptable, Shockwave has been removed from my computer and will not be reinstalled until they apologize and rectify the issue.

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