Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Knife

Well, I broke down and bought a new knife today. I may very well end up regretting this. The description states that the blade was made using sewing needles. I'm hopeful that, if this has been done well, it should make for a very durable and sharp knife.

One of the failings I have regarding knives is that I tend to use them for things that they're really not designed for: prying, tightening screws, etc. I hope that, this being as expensive as it is, I'll stick with its intended usage exclusively. As such, I may still be in the market for a tough knife that can stand up to the abuse that I tend to put my pocket knives through. If you know of any small working-type knives with blades ~2.5"-3.25" in length and at least 3/8" thick that can hold up to heavy use/abuse, please let me know.

But I'm thinking it might be best if I tried making my own. I'm thinking that I may either use a file or pry-bar for the stock, anneal it to remove the temper, cut and file to shape and start the bevel, then re-temper and finish the edge and polish. Thoughts?


Junyor said...

My everyday carry knife is the SOG Flash II. I read about it somewhere on the highroad. Assisted opening, lockable, half serrated, easy to sharpen, good for opening boxes, prying into things, and it fits nicely in the pocket. Got mine at Dick Sporting Goods for about $45-50 over a year ago.

Barrett B. said...

What do you think about their locking system? I've been wondering about it as it looks like it would be easy to accidentally engage/disengage with your index finger with a typical grip on the knife. Any issues with that?

Still looks like it'd be better than those darn liner-locks.