Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You For Flying Police State Airlines...

Now, please hold still while we attach your Electro-Musclar Disruption bracelet.

Holy crap!

If I hadn't already sworn off airline travel, this would be the cinder block that caved in the camel's skull. (Pardon the blatant mis-quote but this ticks me off no end.) It's like they aren't even attempting to disguise the fact that they expect the public to behave like sheep to their shepherd.

As grim as it sounds, I'm almost certain that, if implemented, this will eventually result in the accidental death of a passenger. And that tragedy will be passed off as the price we pay for security. Mark my words.

Hat tip to Mike.

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Richard said...


Because El Al, Kuwait Airlines, Egypt Air, Pakistan International Airlines, and Saudi Arabian Airlines all feel the need to add this type of security.

Just give the pilot a shot gun and have him blow the head off anyone who walks through the cockpit door. It's pretty simple.